What Clients Say

“I wanted to thank you again for your amazing training course this weekend. We appreciated it so much and we can hardly stop talking about it!”

Check out the Brentwood College School article: “Learning to Use Our Sixth Sensehttps://www.brentwood.bc.ca/news/single-page-news/article/learning-to-use-our-sixth-sense/

– Phoebe H.

“Again, thank you, the class was so beneficial and you present so well. It’s like you were born to do this.”

– Corinne

“Yvette’s self-defence class reminded me of how strong I am. She helped me access my own confidence and made sure I left feeling capable in my own self.”

– Holly Collis Handford, 20

“My daughter took Yvette’s class the summer before she left home for university. I loved seeing my daughter’s growth in her own awareness of how to keep herself safe, her thoughtfulness about boundaries, and her confidence in her physicality. Highly recommended.”

– Karen

“Sensei Yvette came highly recommended to us to provide one-on-one self defence training to our 9 year old timid daughter. Our daughter’s small stature made her a target for bullying since pre-school. Yvette’s keen understanding of the importance of teaching people, and especially young girls, self-confidence and self-worth through awareness and disciplined self-defence training marked the beginning of what was, and is, the life changing event that brought happiness to our daughter. Whether it is one-on-one or group training, Sensei Yvette masterfully highlights individual improvements to students while introducing layers of skill to continually build on and strive to achieve results emotionally, physically and mentally. “

– Meghan
thank you note kids self defence training
thank you note kids self defence training