Welcome to Sixth Sense Self Defence

Sixth Sense Self Defence is dedicated to helping women and girls gain self-confidence and awareness, through healthy boundaries and self-defence skills. We have trauma-informed instructors and have built our courses with this in mind. We donate 5% of our annual proceeds to the Victoria Sexual Assault Centre – https://vsac.ca/.

Sixth Sense Self Defence is a mobile service and we bring our workshops and lessons to your preferred location or at our training facility. We are located in Victoria, British Columbia but our services are available across Canada and around the world.

Check out what Brentwood College School had to say following a weekend training course: “Learning to Use Our Sixth Sense” https://www.brentwood.bc.ca/news/single-page-news/article/learning-to-use-our-sixth-sense/


All our lessons are privately coordinated and customized for small and large groups to meet your needs at your convenience.

Please contacts us for our rates and more information on how to book.

What Clients Say

“Yvette’s self-defence class reminded me of how strong I am. She helped me access my own confidence and made sure I left feeling capable in my own self.”
– Holly Collis Handford, 20

“My daughter took Yvette’s class the summer before she left home for university. I loved seeing my daughter’s growth in her own awareness of how to keep herself safe, her thoughtfulness about boundaries, and her confidence in her physicality. Highly recommended.”
– Karen