Girls’ School Programs

PATH TO POWER Self-Defence Series

  • 60 or 90-minute session each week
  • 5 – 8 week programs available

Children: Ages 6-13
Youth: Ages 14-18

This course is designed for young women ages 10 through 18, as an integrated part of the school physical education program.  It is a five or eight part holistic approach to developing confidence and awareness while creating and defending personal boundaries.

build confidence with self defence training

Specific Learning Outcomes:

Keeping a balanced Self: Developing mental, emotional and physical capability creates compassion, empathy, tolerance, self-awareness and confidence. We aim to build this in our students so they can experience the benefits of these attributes by building healthy relationships and staying safe.

Awareness through education and personal experience, prove that circumstances and events beyond our control can occur in our lives, how we respond to them is what shapes and defines us. These circumstances or “opportunities” can affect us positively, negatively or not at all. Throughout this course we use personal boundaries and responsibilities to explore that we are not powerless in our lives. Shifting “victim mentality” to Survive and Thrive.

girl learning self defence kicking

Our goal is to leave students feeling confident, aware and empowered with basic skills to personally protect themselves mentally, emotionally and physically, within multiple contexts.

“Sensei Yvette came highly recommended to us to provide one-on-one self defence training to our 9 year old timid daughter. Our daughter’s small stature made her a target for bullying since pre-school. Yvette’s keen understanding of the importance of teaching people and especially young girls self-confidence and self-worth through awareness and disciplined self-defence training marked the beginning of what was and is the life changing event that brought happiness to our daughter. Whether it is one on one or group training, Sensei Yvette masterfully highlights individual improvements to students while introducing layers of skill to continually build on and strive to achieve results emotionally, physically and mentally. “
– Meghan

Please contact us for a detailed course outline and fee schedule.

Your Sixth Sense – Introductory Seminar for Schools

  • 20-minutes

This “Ted Talk” modelled presentation is customized for your needs. School PAC’s, teachers, corporations, non-profit organizations and personal empowerment groups designed for women and girls can benefit from this seminar. It is held within your venue and may be followed by a brief question and answer period should scheduling allow. It is an introduction to the basis of all our programs, as well as presenting an outline of personal boundaries and the various responses to uphold them. We demonstrate key target areas for physical self-defence and offer simple ways to keep safe and aware of your surroundings using your six senses.

introductory self defence presentation

Our goal is to leave you with an introduction and awareness of self-defence, leaving you excited and interested to learn more about personal protection.