Scheduled Women’s Self-Defence Workshops

Upcoming Workshops

Scheduled public workshops will be posted here when available. Private workshops are available upon request. Please email us at for more information.

Past Workshops

Advanced Self-Defence for Women ages 13+

10:30am – 12:00pm

McTavish Academy of Art

This exhilarating, interactive workshop includes an outline of personal boundaries and how to defend them, with emphasis on strangers and acquaintances. You will practice de-escalation and self-defence techniques through scenario based exercises, focusing on key target areas from standing or on the ground. In this workshop you will discover your personal power and the tools you have to defend yourself.

No prior training is required, however If you have taken the 90-minute self-defence workshop or are in need of a refresher for your skills, this workshop is sure to challenge and ignite you to the next level.

sixth sense self defence

Our goal is to leave you confident, aware and feeling empowered with basic skills to defend yourself in multiple situations. The huge smile on your face is a bonus!

Self-Defence for Women ages 13+

10:30am – 12:00pm (90-minutes)

McTavish Academy of Art

We believe this workshop is essential for women of all ages. It includes an outline of personal boundaries from family to strangers and the various responses to uphold them. You will practice key target areas for physical self-defence and offer simple ways to keep safe and aware of your surroundings, with an emphasis on defending an attack from a stranger.

What Clients Say

“Yvette’s self-defence class reminded me of how strong I am. She helped me access my own confidence and made sure I left feeling capable in my own self.”
– Holly Collis Handford, 20

“My daughter took Yvette’s class the summer before she left home for university. I loved seeing my daughter’s growth in her own awareness of how to keep herself safe, her thoughtfulness about boundaries, and her confidence in her physicality. Highly recommended.”
– Karen